Supervision sessios for international teams

Your team:

  • is international
  • work in hybrid (not at the same place and time)
  • are professionals and experts in their field

You want:

  • strengthen their collaboration
  • give them "I've got your back" feeling
  • keep them motivated
  • them to have healthy and psychologicaly safe work environment
  • openness and proactivity

Give them:  Team's strength supervision sessions

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What is supervision

Supervision is process of professional developement. On monthly basis 5-8 similar field professionals (or one team members) come together and raise work related topics, relevant for them at the moment.

Duration of one session is 3 hrs.

Number of sessions is agreed individually. Usually: 6-12 sessions. Afterwords, team can continue the process, by having monthly covisions.

Supervisor is specially trained person, who creates psychologicaly safe environment, structures session and supports participants to:

  • reflect on their experiences
  • find deeper insights in their topic/issue/thought/doubt/emotion
  • share their experiences
  • create ideas
  • get motivation and emotional support
  • search for solutions

Supervision process allows participants to understand their behaviours and impact on their current professional chalanges. Each sessions topics comes from participants. Topics are only work related and can vary from work challanges up to emotional wellbeing.

Supervision is not training, therapy or (background) lecture.

To reach each sessions goal supevisor can use various methods, e.g., association cards, drawing, movement, storytelling, discussion, experience sharing, emotion cards, etc.

Main benefits of supervision are:

  • strong team, that trusts each other
  • regular motivation and environment of mutual support
  • team's productivity increase
  • emotionaly healthy work environment
  • team's readiness to collaborate even in critical situations

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Your supervisor will be

Aija Iesalniece

Certified supervisor with a master's degree in management psychology and supervision, author, applied improvisation trainer, guest lecturer in universities.

The head of the company "Runas Rāmis", an experienced top-level manager and business trainer on leadership, collaboration and effective communication. 

More about Aija here

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