Aija Iesalniece

entrepreneur, business trainer

Certified supervisor with a master's degree in management psychology and supervision. Author of the book "Improvise for your growth" (on latvian language. Open to translation offers). One of 60 world-renowned applied improvisation professionals

The head of the company "Runas Rāmis", an experienced top-level manager, introduced applied improvisation method in Latvia.

Guest lecturer at universities

Communication, speech, collaboration and leadership coach with extensive professional experience in international team management.

Inspirational speaker at both local and international conferences ("Rosinatava", "Future of the Contact centers", "Applied improvisation Global conference" 2021, 2022, etc.).

Aija has developed and implemented the use of applied improvisation methods in supervision and coaching sessions.

In work as a supervisor, uses both coaching/mentoring and applied improvisation methods. Aija focuses on the present situation and find supportive methods for each client and situation individually.

Aija offer individual lessons, team trainings and consultations on:

  • successful and inspiring leadership
  • creating a psychologically safe environment
  • confident and authentic communication
  • implementation and management of change
  • successful cooperation and finding solutions
  • stress and emotion management
  • unbossing
  • the ability to react qualitatively in unpredictable conditions and in a dynamic environment

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What I love to do, besides working ;)

Improvisation theater

Since 2000, I have been an improvisational theater actress. I started this passion in Valmiera, when I came to Riga I played for 13 years in the cradle of the Latvian improvisational theater "Hamlet", later together with my friends I created the first English-acting improvisational theater in Latvia "LettiNoir". I love to go to foreign international improvisation festivals to play with the world's best!

This year you can find me in Nepal improv fest (Begining or April)


Getting to know other cultures broadens the horizon, increases empathy and tolerance for diversity. That is why, whenever possible, I like to go to unknown countries and cultures. When traveling, I prefer nature trails over cities. So far the most distant countries that I have visited are the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina, India and the Republic of South Africa. And my top favorite are Jordan and Georgia.


In positive psychology there is such a term "flow". It represents the state between "everything is boring" and "I'm angry because this is too complicated". In the state of flow, there is that pleasant feeling of excitement when time stops and you want to do more and more. I have it when I snowboard. I am nowhere near a great athlete, but I really like this sport. In the summer, I get the same feeling when riding a wakeboard.


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